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March 2014

Collingwood Vs Richmond

Now I’m the last one to understand the passion Melbourne folk have for their beloved AFL (or as I said to my now husband Linton when we first started to date …. ALF! And yes he still gets a good laugh from that one) but when the Collingwood under 18’s boys came on one of our trips I was even quite excited.

IMG_8137-1024x682When I first moved to Melbourne and was working in the corporate world of property, I was approached by a man with a crazed look in his eye… he grabbed my hand and gave it a good strong shake….his words which I didn’t quite understand at the time were…good on ya love, good to see your wearing ya teams color’s go the black and white!!

I must admit that I went back to work rather confused and explained this to my work colleagues…As it turned out, a big match was on and I was wearing a black and white suit with a black and white flower…this made me a honorary Magpie member for a few minutes!!



Anyway as I mentioned, yes the team came along and went one for one with our guides in the sports rafts on the Upper Murray River. You’ll be happy to hear that there were no injuries and that the day turned out to be quite memorable. Linton said that he had never met a more professional group of young men and although he is a diehard Richmond supporter, he now has soft spot for Collingwood.  (This is even after Mr Malthouse hit him in the head with a paddle) ha

For all those wonderfully passionate supporters I have a few photos to share from the day-

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