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Rafting News

March 2014

New Rafting Australia website goes live!

Yes very excited, our new website is live and looking good. A big thank you to the guys at “Eleven Media” Blaz and Aaron!! Not only did they put up with all our weird and wonderful ideas or lack of?? They have put together a user friendly and informative site which we hope you’ll enjoy.

To give you an idea of the website process-

1. Contact an amazing team of super intelligent web builders/designers/coffee lovers at Eleven Media.

2. Demand that they come on a rafting trip (Trip date still not confirmed!!) think they are pretty boys who don’t want to get hair messed up…ha ha

3. Ask for super magical powers to make everyone in Australia have visions of what a wonderful river we have right in our own back yard or use photos and video on the new website to show them!

4. Make sure you send the web builders information, photos and money????

5. Try and remember to use spell check when you pretend you know what you are doing when you update the new website and not  rave on too much about how wonderful your trips are and the guys at Eleven media and how much you appreciate your guides and love the river….oops sorry did it again.

Once this is all done 6. Enjoy meeting all the new and wonderful clients booking for and experience of a life time.

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